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90% Approval & Recommendation Rating
Liquid Plant Food

650 members tested Grow-N-Thrive over 7 months between September 2006 and April 2007 and gave it a resounding vote of confidence. They tried it on outdoor plants, house plants, vegetables, orchids, versus Miracle-Gro and Super Thrive, on nearly-dead plants, and many other ways. The results were all the same. Grow-N-Thrive amazed them with its ability to provide visible growth very quickly without burning foliage. As a liquid, they found it much easier to mix and use than granular brands. They gave Grow-N-Thrive a 90% approval and recommendation rating.

Some NHGC tester comments appear below.

"Great stuff.  Unbelievable growth."
"Plants look AMAZING."
"Yes, the product is better than any other I have used before."
"After testing Grow-N-Thrive against Miracle-Gro (which I have used for years), I'm sold on Grow-N-Thrive as the better product."

Other National Home Gardening Club members
 are now buying Grow-N-Thrive for themselves
and comparing it with the brands they have been using.

"Once you try Grow-N-Thrive, 
you will never use anything else!"

"With Grow-N-Thrive,
you can see the difference!"

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Six hundred and fifty NHGC members tested Grow-N-Thrive over a seven month period and returned evaluation forms with their comments. They gave it a 90% approval / recommendation rating, one of the highest ever. Below are some of their written comments.

“Great stuff. Unbelievable growth.”

“Plants look AMAZING.”

“Yes, the product is better than any other I have used before.”

“Leaves are so healthy and firm …. Almost looks artificial! But that’s a good thing.”

“Liquid and so easy to use.”

“My prayer plant bloomed for the first time in years.”

“It produces beautiful foliage, and plants bloom indoors like you’ve never seen.”